time management tips for entrepreneurs

13 Effective Time Management Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Time management skill is one of the most important skills an entrepreneur should have. Since entrepreneurs are commonly characterized as someone who is busy working all day long, poor time management will hinder them. Although most managers get very little uninterrupted time to work on their priority tasks. That is why they know very well the time management importance.

Importance of Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Time management importance is the same as other job-related skills. With this said, we can determine the success of a business if it can process on time. To help you with your time management, here are some tips on how to improve your time management skills.

Having the ability to work in the schedule is always needed in any line of business. Time management definition can be described as the ability to use one’s time effectively or productively, especially at work. Working with schedules and beating deadlines is a critical part of the business process.

How do Entrepreneurs Manage Their Time?

Every person has a different daily routine and different schedule. The entrepreneurs are among the busiest. Their schedule is almost always full and often times have a hard time fulfilling it. Here are some of the time management tips you can start with.

Commit to your scheduled task plan

The key to effective time management is commitment. You will need the dedication to follow your schedule. Doing this without obligation would be hard much more, sticking to it. You might miss some of this due to emergencies. As an entrepreneur, you will run into these situations often. It is fine as long as your mentality is to continue following your schedule.

With this in mind, you should exert effort in achieving the goals that you have written. Plans are usually hard for those that never tried to have a scheduled task to follow. But if you want to have better time management skills, you have to start here.

Prioritize more important task

If you have many tasks ahead of you, do the most important first. Planning and organizing skills are some of the skills related to do in time management. Elimination of non-priorities can help you get started. You should give priority to a task that is urgent or will affect other tasks if not done. Business runs through a process.

Being able to identify this crucial task can help you with scheduling other tasks. If there is no urgent task or something that can affect other tasks, refer to the task that needed the most time, this can give you flexibility in scheduling as well as make your task list look smaller.

Put focus on a single task

Focusing on a single task might look easy, but it is not. It is true, especially for new entrepreneurs that want to finish as many jobs as possible in a short time. Multi-tasking may lead to finishing faster, but this is not advisable. Getting things done would be the goal but do it one action item at a time. Once you are multi-task, you lose focus on the current task. Mistakes can often happen due to lack of focus in one’s work.

It would not be wise to sacrifice the quality of work for faster completion. Keep your focus on the task at hand and that alone. The other tasks will get their time, and then you can worry about them. Each process in your business plan has particular importance. If you train on how to focus on work, your time in doing tasks will be faster going forward.

Learn to say No

There will be times that you will encounter things that can make you go out of schedule. These are the things that you should reject. The only time that you need to do this and break your scheduled tasks is if this is more important. It all comes down to identifying priorities.

Some may have a hard time doing this, especially if they have the habit of saying yes to everything. In this case, self-control is the key. Learning the ability to say no may take some time. You should always ask yourself first if do you need to do this or not. Be more mindful in fulfilling your task list, and dare to say no. In due time, you will see that this would be helpful in your time management and your business as well.

Manage your free time

Always start early when doing your task. It would be a good thing to start earlier if you have extra time at hand. It can help you to adjust in case you needed to exert more time on other tasks. Managing your spare time would prove to be useful going forward. It allows you to be more productive as well as giving you more time with other tasks. Think of the time value of money. Being able to finish tasks ahead of time can give you a boost and can inspire you in accomplishing more task. As a result, it takes away the procrastination out of you, which is an excellent thing for your time management skills.

Avoid distractions

Distractions are never a good thing for you, and thus you should avoid them. It would be alright to take a break from work but make sure that you had a productive time before taking breaks. If you let yourself get distracted all the time, you won’t be able to finish anything as a result. Always make sure that you keep yourself away from distractions for you to work as planned. Avoid unnecessary activities, especially those not related to the task at hand. After all, you have a schedule to follow and a task to finish on time.

Set time for task completion

Setting a time frame and allotting time will enhance your time management skills. Make sure you give yourself enough time for each task. Providing a mammoth task with a small amount of time will not do you any good. Instead, this will only bring in more problems. The goal of setting time is not to have you constrained but to use your time better instead. It is not to test how fast you work instead of how you manage your time. Do a fair calculation in your time allotments. You can even give yourself a buffer for tasks that you are not yet sure how to handle. You can make mistakes with time allotment, but you will improve as you do it.

Put breaks in between tasks

As we have said earlier, taking a break is not forbidden. Your productivity and quality of work will drop if you work for an extended period. Put a break time between tasks. Let yourself rest a bit and be calm for a bit. Don’t think of it as a waste of time because it is not. We can only work straight on a limited time. After that time expires, we would get tired, and it would be harder to focus. You will be prone to get distracted. You will not be able to finish any task in this case. These breaks are essential to refresh your mind and get yourself back to focus for the next task.

Don’t let small details drag you down

Time management is a skill acquired through time. A long period of time in fact. You will have to practice and commit mistakes as a result. It is a part of how you can enhance your time management skills. This kind of errors should not bring you down, thinking you won’t be able to do it. Use this a stepping stone instead of a roadblock in learning time management. Mistakes will happen, and the only thing you can do is to learn from it. As we have said, this requires commitment, and working through your mistakes is one way of showing it. Learn from your mistakes and study what you could do better in order to avoid the same mistake.

Never Procrastinate

There are habits that you would need to change if you want to succeed. Procrastination is one of these habits. Procrastination defeats the purpose of getting things done in time. If you aren’t punctual with your schedule, then you won’t enhance your time management skills. If an entrepreneur, then the business will most likely suffer. Even if you don’t procrastinate often, it can still turn to be one of your habits.

It would be much better to have the habit of being punctual. You should be able to finish scheduled action items on your business plan on time. The business will start the moment you decide to start. There are more bad habits that can hinder you in your success. Here is a list of these bad habits you should stop doing.

Stop trying to achieve for perfection

New entrepreneurs often set the goal of having a perfect business. It is essential to realize that there is no perfect business process. All business will have negatives regardless of how good of an entrepreneur you are. With this in mind, it would be best to accept that you will make mistakes. Don’t try to achieve perfection; set your goals on the best possible outcome. You will be wasting a lot of time if you always try to get the perfect picture of events for your business.

In reality, most entrepreneurs had experience in choosing between bad and worse decision. There will be a time that you will need to see and understand this. So save your time and analyze the best possible outcome instead of always trying the perfect.

Exercise and eat healthy

Tasks about the business are not the only thing you should give time. Your rest is as essential as those action items. Put in time for sleep and eating healthy. Do not rush it as you need to invest in yourself too. A good entrepreneur knows where to spend his time. You can only get things done if you are in good condition. Invest in yourself and in your health. Most entrepreneurs forget that they themselves are their most valuable asset. Include exercise in your daily routine and always try to eat healthy to stay fit for work.

Make a system of good habits

Being wary of your time must be a habit for an entrepreneur. The time value of money is a critical factor and must not be wasted. Remove those bad habits that can hinder you in being a good entrepreneur. Once you practice it and do it often, it will turn into a habit. Having good habits will be a big help on your journey as an entrepreneur. In order to turn this into a habit, we will need to turn to our first point, commitment. This will be one of the greater factors you need to have if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Last Bonus Tip for you

Using Time management Technique and Apps

Pomodoro technique is lately getting popular for time management and to get things done on time. You can use time management app like tides, focus booster, clockwork tomato and other related time management tools. There are lot of digital tools you can use for time management and other business matters.

Benefits of Time Management

Effective time management will help you become a successful entrepreneur. The advantages of time management will give a boost on your business ventures. You can read all the time management quotes and create all the time management charts but if you do not apply it, it will all be useless.

Once you become a master in time management, you will be able to do a lot more. You will understand the difference in your productivity rate. In general, you will be a step closer to your success.

We hope that this time management tips will help you in improving your time management skills. These time management skills can be improved as long as you commit to following it. Make a habit out of it and get the time management advantages. You can also do some time management activities and have some fun with it. It would be easier for someone to follow once it is turned into a habit. Time management skills would surely help you along the way.