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Excuses Holding You Back From Being an Entrepreneur

All of us want to have that success and achieve financial freedom. One of the most common ways to do this is to be your boss. In other words, start a business and be an entrepreneur. Although it has excellent promises, not everyone is willing to take the risk. Most of us are afraid to try it out. For many of us, the fear of failure is higher than the chances of having a better life. If you dream of owning your business, it’s going to take a lot of work, sweat, tears, and resources to make it happen.

In general, we, as humans, will always come up with excuses not to do something we fear. These excuses hold us back from what we can achieve. Although this has been a common occurrence, most people still do not learn from this. Instead, they continue to have excuses without even giving it a shot. These are all great reasons on the path to entrepreneurship.

All those successful business owners gave their all to be able to achieve their success. That means that it included throwing out their fears and stopped making excuses. They continued to work until they can get to their dreams. They did not start out to be successful at first. Surely, they had their own share of failures along the way. Their success is a result of their commitment and perseverance.

If it was possible for them, then does that mean it is also possible for anyone? Of course, it is! The only thing stopping you from getting to your dreams are those reasons you keep on making. Instead of continuing on those excuses, it would be better to start working and get productive.

Excuses Holding You Back From Being an Entrepreneur

1. Does not want to lose the stability of your current job

Most success stories from different people will involve something regarding putting up their own business. Although this may be true, it would still be a natural reaction to cling to security and a stable source of income. Because starting a business would mean giving up your time for other things. When this time comes, you will have to choose either putting off your own business or working on it part-time. If the business demands more, it could even lead you to decide whether to leave your job or not.

Business startups will need a lot of work. In fact, this could not just a little of your time, but even all of your time. Most people have this excuse and choose to stay in their jobs. It is understandable since everyone would want to be sure, after all, not all business succeeds.

There is a success beyond being an employee, and this is something you should consider. If you do not move from your office, you will forever be working for other people’s success rather than for your own success. It would be scary losing your steady income, but there could be more than what you are earning as an employee.

2. Does not have enough capital

The business will require a capital of some sort one way or another. One of the most common situations in which a business could not be started is because of the lack of money. However, but this may be true, it is not entirely about the lack of capital. It is more about not knowing where to get the capital that you need for your startup. Indeed, it will not be easy to get the capital you needed, but there are more ways than you know.

The business scene has evolved along with time. In this day in age, there are different ways to gain capital aside from using your own income. You can probably try to apply for a loan or even find investors that will be willing to fund your business startup. There is a way to get capital if you really try to look for it. Of course, there will be requirements such as a good credit score or a promising business proposal. The capital you are looking for might be closer than you think.

3. Waiting for something to happen first

I will start a business once I have this or once I have done that. This is a primary excuse not just for starting a business but pretty much for everything. This is common for people who wanted to have an excuse not to do something. But if you think about it, there are countless things you can “wait for,” so this is the excuse that keeps on indefinitely.

Anyone can come up with infinite things that they can claim to wait for. This means that the excuse can continue until they never get it done. Doing business will require commitment and discipline, so this kind of excuse will not work. This will just come out as a lame excuse.

Waiting for something to happen before you venture into entrepreneurship will mean that if it does not happen, you won’t start off. The successful businessmen of today did not wait for something because they know that no one will ever be fully ready. You will commit mistakes along the way and will have moments of failure. That is part of the business and is standard for everyone. If that is bound to happen anyway, then why wait?

4. Fear of Failure

Not everyone will be a successful entrepreneur. In fact, about 90 percent will not be in the business for long and will close down. If that does not threaten you, then you are good to go. The numbers will tell us that the more significant part of those who try and be an entrepreneur, frequently fail. But the other part of it is those who have succeeded. The other 10 percent are the ones who still failed but continued nonetheless.

It is normal for a person to commit a mistake and fail. You are not necessarily going to succeed in your first try, but you might win in the next one. Never be swayed by a failure or two because the best things are the hardest to achieve. The fear of failure will just hinder you from moving forward. Let the idea of being successful be higher than the fear of failure.

It is quite often we hear that fortune favors the bold. It means that fortune will go to those who have a strong will and the commitment to go after their dreams. Remember that no one else will do it for you.

5. Does not have enough knowledge

Running a business will require certain business skills that not everyone possess. Indeed, this will really help you in getting your business to succeed at a faster rate than others. It will be a big advantage if you have the necessary skills to be able to operate and execute the process.

But what if you just don’t have those skills? Does that mean you will not go? Of course not. These skills can be learned through experience, and you won’t have that experience unless you try. Stop telling that you don’t have the skills because, as we said, no one will ever be fully ready. This just means that everyone started with something that they lack.

Most successful entrepreneurs do not have all the knowledge and skills to run a business when they were starting. They learned as they go on and continued to adapt to changes. Actually, we have an advantage because of all these advanced technologies that brought us digital business tools that helped new entrepreneurs jumpstart their business.

6. Too Late or Too Early to Start

When is someone too old or too young to venture into entrepreneurship? The answer is never. It does not matter how old or young you are if you want to become an entrepreneur. There are stories of young millionaires and also retired persons who succeeded in their chosen market. Anyone can be an entrepreneur if they wanted to.

Realize that the important thing is the commitment to do it. It is what will keep you going when the times of challenges and failures come.

7. Does not know what will happen

Let us first set things straight; no one is ever sure of what happens next. You can study your next step, prepare for the next part, and do your best. But what happens next will not be as recorded. Everything can change even if you have planned for it for so long. If no one is really sure what will happen, then why not venture into it and see what you get?

You can prepare and do everything in your power to increase your chances of success. But for the most part, this is being done so that you won’t be able to regret anything. No one wants to regret it in their life.


There we have it, the excuses holding you back from being an entrepreneur. Where are you using these excuses before? What other excuses have you encountered before? Share it with us in the comment section.