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7 Best Routines for a Productive Day

Most people think that you need to have business skills and financial resources in order to be a successful entrepreneur. Although this is true, developing good habits in business and creating a routine is a vital thing for success. You need to create a routine for you to be productive. A routine that you would commit to if you want to be successful.

This routine will not have to wait until you start your own business. It would need to start now and continue to do this along with your business. A routine that would achieve productivity along the day and not just to be able to say you are busy. Being able to create a routine that helps you to be productive will be a big boost to yourself as an entrepreneur. Everyone would always be eager to get some help one way or another. It is never a bad idea to have something to improve on, especially if you are to gain good things from it.

But how do we start creating this routine and what are the things we need to include in? Would it make a productive entrepreneur or just a busy one? Here are some of the things you can add in your routine to have a productive day.

Routines for a Productive Day

1. Have the Right Mindset on Waking up

Most people would prefer not to move after waking up. Wishing they had more time to rest and continue their dreams. Well, this is not someone who wants to have a productive day should be thinking. It may be nice to have more sleeping time, especially during a cold day. But unless you are sick or disabled, there should not be a reason as to why you should not wake up. Put in your mind that you need to do something productive today. It would also be good to think of your goals and how it would be nice to achieve them. If you really want to achieve those goals, then it would be best to start now.

Waking up is the first task you have for the day. Fighting the urge to back to bed might be hard. But think of it this way, if you fail on your first task, then expect to fail on the next ones as well.

2. Do Exercise

We have talked about how you are willing to start the day. Now, this is something you can do to boost that energy. Of course, this does not mean to go exercise right after you wake up immediately. Just like any other task, you should also be prepared before doing any of it. Wash up if you may or have a little read. The point is, you have to jumpstart yourself and exercising is the best choice. It doesn’t need to be an hour-long workout. You can do a simple 10-minute exercise. 

Exercising has been proven to boost your energy and prepare you for a productive day ahead. Not only that, but it is also the right way of taking care of your body. Think of it as a warm-up for all the tasks you will be accomplishing this day.

3. Hydrate Yourself

Remember the doctor saying that you need to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day? It may be cliche, but it is imperative to do this. As you sleep, your body uses calories for it to work. It is also known as resting metabolism. Organs such as brain, heart, kidney, and even the cells in the body use calories in resting metabolism process. What does the body use up to function well? The answer is water. We sweat while we sleep, we lose water from the simple act of breathing, and of course, we lose water through our bladder. 

An excellent way to replenish that lost liquid is to drink after you wake up. It gives an energy spike and alerts your brain to wake up. This is just after you wake up. It only means that you will need more liquid intake to continue the day. Just make sure that you are drinking liquids that are healthy for your body.

4. Eat a Healthy and Complete Breakfast

Many people disregard the importance of eating breakfast because of the notion of being late. This is true, especially to busy people like entrepreneurs. With this said, it means that you have an actual headstart on a lot of people who did not eat. People who take breakfast are less likely to be obese, they tend to have a more stable blood-sugar level, and they get to be less hungry over the whole day. Eating a complete and healthy breakfast gives you energy for the entire day. Everyone knows that it is difficult to work with an empty stomach. If you want to be productive, then you need the energy to do it.

Not only this, skipping breakfast or any meal for that matter is unhealthy. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day makes it more crucial. Skipping breakfast slows down your metabolism and can give you headaches, stress, and other ailments.

5. Set the goals for the day

Now that you are prepared to take on the day, you must determine what the tasks you should do are. According to research, having set goals and objectives gives someone an increase in confidence and feelings of control. Setting specific goals will drive you to what tasks you need to do and gives you something to reach for. When setting goals, it is essential to validate if it is feasible. You can’t just set goals that are too big to accomplish and try to achieve it at once. Break down your specific tasks to much smaller and at an achievable state. Once you can do that, then that is where you start. 

You can track down your tasks so you can see the results afterward. Being able to see the results of your hard work is a fulfilling moment for everyone. Especially if you knew you did a lot to make, it would happen.

6. Clean your Working Area

It doesn’t really matter what kind of work you do as long as your working area is clean enough. I’m not talking about clean as in not being dirty but rather clean as in free from distraction. You may have your goals set and already have a task plan. But it is still a plan, and you have to get it done. If your working environment if full of distractions, then how are you supposed to focus on your work? As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. It is much better to clean it now rather than disregarding things that can distract you and clean up once they are actually distracting you. 

Being distracted can make you lose not only your concentration but also your motivation. If you are free of distractions, then you can work straight. This is the better way to do things since the main goal is to have a productive day.

7. Start Working with the Tasks

Once everything is prepared, it is now time actually to start the work. Focus on the set goals and look at tasks for this day. Some people tend to look at the task for tomorrow without even doing the task for today first. It could be wrong since you can be overwhelmed by the number of things that you need to get done. With this said, focus on what you need to do now — focusing now rather than looking at what you need to do later. Get things done one by one. If your lagging, pick up the phase. If you have extra time, use it to rest or do advanced work. When you work, you work. Stop doing unnecessary things that won’t do anything with what you are aiming to achieve.

Remember that you are doing this to be successful and cheating yourself by slacking off and being lazy won’t do you any good at all.


There we have it, the routines that you should make to have a productive day. Always keep in mind that being productive is not the same as being busy. It is stated many times since this is still being forgotten or being taken mistakenly by most of us. Always make yourself prepared and keep your tasks on track with the goals you want to achieve. Make this routine your habit and be the successful entrepreneur you are dreaming of. It might be difficult at first, but it all comes down to how willing you are to succeed. Doing this is not impossible at all. 

Are you practicing some of the routines that we talked about? Do you have any other routines that you do other than this? Why don’t you share it with us in the comment section?
We look forward to hearing your version of daily routines for a productive day.