My Story

My name is Sam, and I live in New Zealand. In 2013 I migrated from India to New Zealand with many dreams like other people. I wanted to become successful and wanted to influence other people with my words. 

As you know, things don’t happen the way we want. I was always finding a way to become successful and touch more people with my voice, but I wasn’t sure how to do that. 

After trying and failing in some business, I learned that I have to come in front of more people to reach more people. 

However, I was not sure How I would do that because I was suffering from many limiting beliefs and was self-sabotaging myself. 

I self-sabotaged myself for many years, but not anymore. After overcomimng limiting beliefs and Impsoter syndrome. 

  1.  I have learned how to overcome limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome.
  2. I have learned how to stop self-sabotaging myself. 
  3. I have learned how a person becomes unstoppable after overcoming limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome. 
  4. I have found ways to reach more people.
  5. I have found ways to monetize my passion.

My beliefs :
If you think you can do five reps, I can bet you that you can 10 . if you think you can run 1 km I bet you that you run 4 km. If you believe that you can write one new thought, then I bet you you can write four more.
Thats What I did before the new year 2020 I promised myself to write at least one quote a day, but the day I started writing, I realized that I could actually think of more than one, and now I am writing four quotes every day till the end of 2020.