My Story

Hi, there my name is sam, and I am Mindset mentor. I am the man behind create impossible. I am a family and live in New Zealand. I was born and brought up in North India, and I Immigrated from India to New Zeland in 2013 to find myself and my purpose in my life. I had big dreams in my life since my childhood, but I never knew how I could achieve those dreams.

Like most of the immigrants, I worked at low wage income for many years. I woked at pizza shop washed dished, worked at a gas station, cleaned toilets, but I never stopped believing in myself. I knew that I meant for something big. Therefore, I tried finding high-income jobs in the corporate world, but I got rejected every time. I couldn’t figure out the reason for my rejections, but I never gave up. One thing I always knew that if I give up, I will remain unfulfilled whole my. When I was getting rejected over and over again, I was depressed, stressed, and sad but was not ready to quit.

One day on the internet, I found someone telling that if I want to become successful, you should start reading books because I never read any business or self-help book. I didn’t know the power of reading. After reading a few books, I realized why I was getting rejected over and over, again and again, because God wanted me to become an Entrepreneur. However, after becoming an entrepreneur, I took a few wrong and impulsive decisions, which lead to me going in debt of Nz 100,000 dollars. Still, again this never stopped me from doing business, never stopped me thinking that I cant become an Entrepreneur.

I always dreamed of inspiring people, but I never knew that this my passion. After going through so many hardships like other immigrants, I also survived finally after many years I found my superpower and the superpower is motivating people like me who in the dirt as was.

My beliefs :
if you think you can do five reps, I can bet you that you can 10 . if you think you can run 1 km I bet you that you run 4 km. If you believe that you can write one new thought, then I bet you you can write four more.
That What I did before the new year 2020 I promised myself to write at least one quote a day, but the day I started writing, I realized that I could actually think of more than one, and now I am writing four quotes every day till the end of 2020.