9 ways to generate amazing ideas

Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” – Albert Einstein.

Do you ever run out of ideas? Or you think that you lack creativity. When I was starting my entrepreneurial journey, I was a very strong daydreamer.

Still, when I was beginning an entrepreneurial journey, I was failing to think outside of the box because it very hard to think outside of the box.

Since, when you try to think outside of the box, you have to limit yourself inside of the box if you don’t have resources.

If you are confused, I will explain it to you. I was thinking about how I can make money.

I had a lot of multi-million-dollar ideas on how to make multi-millions from million.

Maybe billion dollars from millions, but to pursue those ideas, I needed millions, and I didn’t have the money.

It means I was restricted to think inside of the box how much only I can make the amount of money I have in my pocket.

I read many books, tried a lot of things; some of them worked, and some of them didn’t, but today I tell you a few of the things which I used to boost my creativity.

Let’s get started.

There must be a lot of science backing up creativity, but in this article, I will be telling you from my personal experiences.

I have also written an article that when you are more creative.

Now let’s dive into this.

There are a lot of articles written on creativity and how you can be more creative.

However, ghostwriters write most of them by backing with some scientifically proved strategies.

In contrast, in this article, you read about my experiences.

If you love reading the science-based article, this might not be a good read for you.

You may get disappointed because this article is all based on the imaginations and creativity of my life’s choices and personal experience.

1. Ask questions about products.

Asking questions about why and how this is happening makes you more creative.

Whenever I would watch any creative idea, I would ask myself questions about why it is like this and how it is like this, and I would bring more pictures to be related to that idea.

For example, when heard about Uber (A ridesharing company).

I did a little bit of research and found that they are disrupting the taxi industry, but then I thought about what other industries it can disrupt.

Then I came up with an idea of uber groceries, and later a few months, I read an article about Uber starting an Uber grocery platform in a few countries.

See how powerful my imaginations were, but I didn’t have money to pursue that idea.


2. Do something opposite.

I love reading self-help and business books, and I don’t like reading fiction and novels.

But when I get bored from all those businesses and self-help books, and all those entrepreneurship podcasts.

Then I would pick one fiction book and start reading.

I sometimes come up with so many innovative ideas. You can also do this. You do something different or something opposite.

3. Break your pattern.

When we follow the same routine every day, our brain works on autopilot.

We take the same route to our work, the same bus to our college. Same shit every day.

Now, if you want to be more creative, do a sick call and go to roam in a park near you.

Go and watch a movie, go for rides that what I used to do when I used to get bored with my work, and I still do the same whenever I get tired of my Entrepreneurship routine.

I will support you to make a sick call. Don’t worry, everything will be fine, and you can do it.

Your dreams and imaginations are more important than anything else in your life.

4. Disconnect with everything.

Sometimes disconnecting with everything like social media and the outer world, then you can make yourself more creative.

When you just have to talk to yourself.

Whenever I have to think more critically, I think like Steve Jobs the way Steve Jobs used to do.

He would disconnect himself from everything and start walking so that his mind can bring more ideas.

You can try this too.

If you want to stay focused try these Tips

5.listen to meditation music.

I do meditation with music voice over.

However sometimes when I want to be more relaxed and more creative.

I switch to other meditation, which only has music, no voice-over, or maybe any different voice over.

Try this may also get some creative ideas.


When you exercise, you seem to get connected with better divergent and convergent thinking, and these are considered the two components of creative thinking.

I feel the same way too.

When I exercise, I come up with more solutions because whenever I exercise or running in the park, I focus on better and creative solutions than on the problem.


7. List out the problems you have.

List out all the issues you face during starting from walking up and going to bed.

Write down all small and big difficulties (not only your life’s problem) then start doing critical thinking on those problems.

You will bring more ideas to your basket.

I used to do the same when I was beginning my entrepreneurial journey.

8. Challenge yourself.

I always challenge myself to become more creative and imaginative.

How do I challenge?

Let us understand.

If I want to write an article and I know I can’t write more than 1000 or 1500 words, I challenge myself to write 3000 words so that I can strengthen that muscle and can bring more ideas in my mind.

when I want to write an article with bullet points like 10 things or 15 things.

Then what I do is I give a title to that article like this “50 things you can do to overcome fear” or “30 things to manage stress”.

It helps me to come up with many ideas I can. You try this too by challenging yourself and become more creative.

9. The fusion of two or more ideas.

If you want to come up with more ideas and want to be more creative, just starting fusing more ideas like few restaurants fuse two cuisine new recipes.

I also sometimes try to combine two or more ideas for my creativity.

Sometimes I came up with disaster ideas and sometimes more creative and innovative ideas.


creative ideas come when trying different things when you want to be more creative. If you’re going to be more creative, you don’t have to limit your thought; let it run free in the space.

Try different things, different patterns, and different routines., different routes to work.


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