8 ways to rewire your brain through Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to restructure its neural connections.

Just remember, “Neurons that fire together can wire.” In simple words, this means the more you run a neural-circuit in your brain, the stronger that circuit becomes.

It means that if you practice something over and over, the circuit in your brain will become stronger.

For example, if you want to master something any skill or something, you have to practice it over and over again.

So that after a few times practicing, you become confident in that.

Your limiting belief is holding you back because you have practiced your liming beliefs a lot of times in your brain.

Therefore, if you want to overcome your limiting belief or fear, practice to overcome those fears every day continuously.

Have you ever remembered that sometimes in a school you had to go on stage in assembly to give some presentation or some speaking the first time?

You were so nervous about going on stage for the first time,

but once you gave that speech or presentation, maybe you have made some mistakes, but you must have said that I can do better next time, or you have said: “that’s was ok I can do again.”

This is how our brain works for our limiting beliefs.

Once you kill your limiting belief and you will be keeping doing it repeatedly.

You will no longer have any fear because you have to tell your brain that you are capable of this, and you can do it no matter what.

Well, new theories and studies are still developing, relating to every part of the human body.

However, for now, let us not go deep into this and only focus on what we can do right now.

Now let us discuss 10 ways to rewire your brain to overcome your fears.

1. Stop practicing negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts lead to a negative life.

If you keep practicing negative thoughts, it means you will be sending negative thoughts to the brain, and it means you are wiring your mind with negative thoughts.


So if you want to break down your limiting beliefs. Stop practicing negative thoughts of your limiting beliefs and stop wiring your brain with negative thoughts.

Think about positive thinking about yourself and start wiring your brain with positive emotion and positive beliefs

2. Meditation.

Recent studies show the evidence that meditation cultivates certain parts of the brain that contribute to well-being.

Furthermore, it seems that regular practice helps to clear the stress and anxiety-related parts of the mind of their nourishment.

Form long, you have been feeding your brain with negative thought.


Start practicing meditation even for 2 minutes a day but start doing it.

It is one of the most effective ways to rewire your positive brain.

The negative thoughts have engraved in your brain so hard that now it’s time to remove those negative thoughts.

3. Your fear is temporary.

You have been telling your mind that your worries are permanent.

You are telling your brain that your limiting beliefs are true, and if you are doing so, then stop doing that.


Rewire your brain by telling that your fears are temporary.

Your fears will go away once to start practicing positive thoughts over your fears.

Rewire your brain by telling that you are stubborn to achieve your goals in life, and stubbornly is permanent.

4. Intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting can also help you to over overcome your fears and limiting beliefs.

Studies show that fasting and caloric restriction could benefit your brain.

After doing intermittent fasting for several hours.

The body depicts all of its glycogen and begins to breakdown fats into ketone bodies for energy.

People who practice intermittent fasting reported to have increased memory, mood, and focus.


Start practicing intermittent fasting as it will help so that we can have a better focus on our positive thoughts then on our limiting beliefs.

When we fast, our body produces ketones bodies for brain metabolism which again improves your brain function.

5. Stop focusing on weaknesses.

One of the causes of our limiting beliefs is that we focus more on our weaknesses than on our strengths.

The more we focus on our weaknesses, the more we will have fear, which equals to less confidence and more limiting beliefs.


Start focusing on your strengths and think that how you can strengthen your strengths for a better future.

When you focus on your strength, you will move your brain’s focus from weakness to your strength.

You will move your focus from a negative thought to positive thoughts.

6. Practice gratitude and affirmation.

Practice gratitude is another way to rewire your brain.

Negative affirmation brings negativity in your life.

You have been practicing negative affirmations of limiting beliefs and fears for long.

You are not thankful for what you have achieved in your life, but you are negative about what you have not achieved.


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Start practicing positive affirmations about yourself.

Start practicing what you have achieved in your life.

Start wiring your brain with positive affirmations.

7. Try one new thing every day.

You are lazy. You have not been exercising.

Being lazy leads to sadness, decrease memory, and neurodegeneration.


Start doing exercise daily as studies show that being lazy leads to the disease mentioned above and decrease your brain functioning.

To rewire your brain, you have to do exercise so that your mood of fear can improve, and your brain functioning to see positivity can improve

8. Learn more and visualize.

Visualizing yourself with positive affirmations is another way of rewiring your brain.


Start visualizing yourself with posting thoughts and affirmations.

Start learning more about how you can do better and what things you are best at and how you can improve to more.


So I have told you eight things to rewire your brain, of course, there are many more too.

However, if you want to start with basic, these are basic practices you can do every day.

You can start small with positive affirmations, meditation, and walking for a few weeks, and you will definitely feel the difference.