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21 Digital Tools Entrepreneurs Must Have

We now live in a world where technology grows faster than ever. New entrepreneurs should take advantage of these digital tools and gain the edge they need over the others. Although these digital tools takes time to study and learn, it will be very beneficial to you in the long run. Let’s talk on some of the examples of these great business tools you can use for your business.

Digital Tools for Entrepreneurs

1. Email

Having an email is a necessity at present and an entrepreneur must-have. It functions as your online identification used for signing up in other digital tools. Without it, growing your network, meeting other entrepreneurs, and landing clients/customers would be a hard task. An email address will give you entry to the digital world and would be your access points in most of your transactions. This would be a critical part because other people in the digital industry will see this. Make sure to have a professional-looking email since other people will see this. For instance, make sure that it is your real name or business name. It would also be essential to have a secure password.

Gmail is one of the best business tool that can provide you with an email.

2. Task Management

Most of us can go with about one or two tasks without tracking. But in the case of starting your own business, this will be the unlikely scenario. You will deal with many tasks that needed to be managed and get done. Therefore, an application that will help you control tasks and track it would be a rather great help. Fitting schedules, tracking time of the hours needed and checking the status of each task. These are some of the management procedures that you would most likely be doing for your task. It may be hard to think about how a new entrepreneur could handle all that. But technology can help new entrepreneurs manage a large number of tasks.

WunderList and Asana are some of these great digital tools that can help with task management.

3. File Management

A business will always have files, records, and documents. And we are not talking about some materials, these will be a lot. Imagine filing all the documents such as permits, receipts, invoices, and other reports. But this doesn’t end on a specific time. Of course, you will be doing this for the rest of the business process. Managing these documents would be much easier if we transfer in the digital platform. An application that can handle all your files without the hassle of actually filing it. Additionally, these digital tools can also help you with search and sorting since it can be presented depending on your preference and displays details for easier access.

An application called Google Drive that is linked with your Gmail account can be used for file management.

4. Calendar Management

Your time is one of your most valuable assets as an entrepreneur. Managing it would be quite tricky given that you will be working on a different task. With the help of digital tools, we can do this tiresome schedules with much ease. An easier way to view the schedule as well as reminders that can be set for those schedules.

A calendar management application called Google Calendar can be linked to your Gmail.

5. Communication/Meetings

Reliable communication within the business is the key to successful entrepreneurship. Calls, emails, and messages are some of the ways most entrepreneurs use to communicate. Communication platform continues to grow with its goal to relay the message better. Having said this, technology has been more updated to deliver messages between others. You can now call while facing the other person on the line. You can even invite other people to different routes to join and have a meeting. Using these digital tools can save time, effort, and relays the message much faster.

Skype is one of the most popular digital tool used for communication.

6. Website Builder

A website for your business is beneficial, especially in this digital time. The most entrepreneur does not know code or program an actual website. Yet, there are applications that you can use in creating a website for your business. These website building applications needs little to know knowledge in actual coding. These website builders are user-friendly and easy to use. It can give you a great looking website in minutes. As an entrepreneur, you must provide your business all the boost it can get. Having a website makes your business look professional and adds class. This website can also be your business marketing tool.

WordPress and Wix are among these digital tools that can help you build your own website.

7. Social Media

Given that we are in the digital age, business without a social media profile will likely fall behind. It is common knowledge that you engage your business where your clients or customers are. That thing is most likely to be social media. Social media presence is an excellent avenue where you can show your products. If you don’t create a social media account for your business, you will be missing a lot of potential sales. Set your social media in a way that it would show your brand. Optimize it to increase your views and engage with the market.

Facebook is the most used social media among others. However, Linkedin is a social media that is set for a more professional engagements. There are a lot of other social media platforms you can use for your business and help it grow.

8. Content Creation

Creating a social media account is not enough. You should be able to continually have engagements with the people in the platform and develop connections with them. One way is to have engaging contents. This can be your most uncomplicated free marketing advertisement with a lot of potential views. Make your content look great and easy for people to notice.

Canva is one of the most popular content creating tool for social media for its wide variety of ways and supports different social medias.

9. Social Media Management

You can create an engaging post, but if your target market won’t see your advertisement, then it would be just a waste. Managing when to post a specific content is an essential part of digital marketing. Knowing what time your target market is online and posting on those time frames will give you a significant boost on your social media presence. However, you can’t just stop to display those advertisements and contents, especially if you are in the middle of something important. The answer is social media management applications. These applications can schedule your time of posting, give you analytics, and manage your platform easily. This can save you the time and effort since you can just set the time on when to post — a simple tool with potent effect.

Hootsuite is one of the major social media content scheduler which also gives you anayltics on your report. A more versatile one is also available name IFTT. It can do most procedures depending on the conditions given to its program.

10. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a process used for websites to rank higher in searches. If you rank higher on searches, then your website will increase its views. If it is seen by a possible customer or client, then that is a good advertisement in a sense. But this can is also used on other platforms such as social media accounts. Also, you can optimize your profile to gain more top search ranking and more views. Most digital business tools use search engine optimization for search facilities. You can do search engine optimization analysis on your websites to test your SEO ranking. Although search engine optimization is a broad topic, you can learn how to do it and apply it on your website.

The NeilPatel website contains one of the best and free SEO tools available

11. News

As a new entrepreneur, you should be able to get the latest or trend in the business world. One way of getting that is through online news. Depending on your target market, you must be aware of what is happening. Stay up to date and try to study how this affects your business. Access to news site today is easier due to the digital advancement. This news site also to gives credible and useful stories that you can use to your business advantage.

Yahoo News and Google News are among the top news site that can give you the updates you are searching for

12. Forums

It would be reasonable to have many questions, especially if you are a new entrepreneur. The chance of these questions answered is high if you search in forums. Engaging in discussions is a great way to learn the business. For this reason, forums can help you answer your specific question. You visit a forum, go to your niche, then type the question. This can be your online support if you do not have anyone else to ask at present. Reading forums related to your business will help you learn new things.

Reddit and Quora are example of forum site that you can use.

13. Marketing/Ecommerce

The days that you needed to go to a store to buy things are already behind us. The store now goes to you. E-commerce sites offer the convenience of shopping and paying without the need to go out. All you need is to go to the site, choose the things you want then buy. It will be ready for delivery and will be on your doorsteps. Digital marketing is a method that you can use as a new entrepreneur to be able to put yourself in the market.

You can build your e-commerce store through Shopify.

14.Sales Management

Managing and tracking your products is a challenging and tedious task you will have to do. Your business will grow larger, as well as your transactions. A business sales application can help you handle these records. Most of this application might be hard to understand at first. But given the fact that you will be having a hard time without help, might as well give this a try.

Salesforce is one of the top sales management application you can try.

15. Email Marketing

We have discussed that email is your identity in the online platform. One of the direct ways you can market your product. Email marketing is a big task which includes writing templates and bulk messaging. Although this may not look effective, this can still be a great marketing for your business. Since communications on email are more reliable and engaging than other communication platforms.

An example of a digital tool for email marketing is Mailchimp.

16. Travel

Technology may let us communicate without being present. But there are still times that you must meet in person. Travelling, even not on the business side, can take time to prepare. Preparations which includes transport preparation, luggage, a place to stay and other tasks. Having a business tool that can take care of preparation can be of big help especially if you need to travel a lot.

Airbnb is a digital tool which can help you organize the things you need for travelling.

17.Debit/Credit Card Management

Being an entrepreneur means being hands-on in your business. With this in mind, you would need easy access to money. Our technology allows us not to bring paper money but to have access in it through the means of debit/credit cards. Having a digital tool that can manage and watch your spending would be a great help. You can check updates and track where your money goes. After all, enough resources are always needed to keep your business flow. For this reason, it would be wise to keep an eye on this.

Most banks or corporations that give your debit/credit card has their application.


When a business goes broader, you will be looking for help. In the event that there is a certain task that needs specific skills. Entrepreneurs often hire freelancers to help you in certain aspects of your business. There are platforms available in landing your desired freelancer.

Fiverr and Upwork are among these platforms.


Accounting can be a headache for most entrepreneurs. But, doing this process is necessary. Managing your accounts takes specific skills and understanding of the matter. But even if you are not a professional accountant, there are digital tools you can use for these tasks. It may take time to understand, but once you get the hang of it, it would be much more comfortable. Also, it would be great if you know how to budget your money and other resources before proceeding into these digital tools.

Some of the top accounting management applications are Quickbooks and Xero.

20.Health and Wellness

Work if you must but never forget that you need to take care of yourself. Most entrepreneurs are stuck with working longer hours. If you have a hard time to handle and watch your health, there is an application that you can use. These digital tools can give you exercise routines, diet plans, and track your progress. Don’t forget that you should also invest in yourself and not put everything into the business. The business will stop once you stop.

Digital tools like Sparkpeople and Fitbit are useful for entrepreneurs seeking to have a healthier lifestyle.


With all these technologies that can be used to further your business, take time to use it as an entertainment. There is nothing wrong with enjoying from time to time. Take advantage of this to relieve stress.
A good digital application would be Spotify where you can listen to the songs you want

With these, you now have an idea of what tools you can use in certain parts of your business. There are more tools out there you can try and test to see if what fits you most. Do you have experience in using these digital tools? Or can you give other tools that you think maybe a better choice?