20 ways to strengthen your will power

First of all, we will need to understand why you don’t have strong will power.

There could be many reasons why your will power is not strong; why your limiting beliefs are holding you tight, why you can’t think outside of the box.

Why are you not able to Create Impossible?

We need to understand your WHY first before I give you a solution for your HOW.

The reason could be Maybe you have a relationship problem; maybe you have a money scarcity mindset, perhaps you think you are not an expert.

Ok, now let me tell you whatever reason is holding you back, or maybe for whatever reason, you have a lack of will power, the only problem is only your mind.

Your mind is telling you that you can’t do this; it’s not possible for you.

But how will power come? When you beat your limiting beliefs and become courageous to think outside of the box.

Besides, maybe you lack in your will power because of our DNA.

So now, let’s get started.

Will power is limited.

Like your phone battery.

So, you have to charge it whenever it gets down.


I will tell 20 things that you are doing wrong and how can you do them right and gain an abundance of will power.

1. Focusing on too many things.

If you want to achieve success and you are feeling like me what I was feeling at the begging of my entrepreneurship career, then don’t worry, I can hear your voice reaching out to me.

I had a lot of ideas in my mind and wanted to do so many things but couldn’t focus on one thing. I was falling; I was overwhelmed and was losing my will power every time and couldn’t able to achieve a single thing.

However, When I switched from many goals to one goal, and I started felling progress, and it increased my will power because I was feeling confident now.


Start focusing on one thing if you want to achieve success or goal in your life. Concentrate on one goal or an idea that will boost your will power and help you to achieve whatever you want to accomplish in your life.

2. You are not meditating.

Meditation makes your brain healthier. It is a protein for your mind. I knew that a lot of successful people and entrepreneurs do meditation, but I never paid attention to it.

However, once I started doing meditation, it affected my overall performance and also surged in my will power.

I like doing meditation because when I do it, I feel limitless and start floating in the sky.

It clears my brain and helps me to think about what is more important.


Start doing meditation at least for 10 minutes a day.

You can find a lot of meditation music on YouTube, and I will link the one which now I do the most.

3. Stop planning big steps or actions.

Taking baby steps will help to increase your will power gradually.

In the beginning, I was focusing on massive action, and I was falling every time.

Then I learned to take baby steps and started feeling confident when I was achieving anything even small;

I was feeling confident with stronger will power.


Make a plan whatever you want to accomplish in your life and write all steps and start taking baby steps so that you feel more confident after every single step.

4. You have an unhealthy lifestyle.

It is said whatever you put in your tummy; your lifestyle will become like that.

New research shows that people who consume sugary drinks and beverages are more likely to have imperfect memory.

Smaller overall brain volume, and smaller hippocampus and it will affect you will power directly, and you will feel drowse.

I take beverages once in two or three months.


Start eating healthy food. You need to stop eating junk and drinks if you want to increase your productivity and will power.

5. You are focusing on your weakness.

Focusing on the things which you are not good at will definitely drain your energy, and you will feel less will power to do the things which you are good.

Distracting yourself from strengths to weakness is another reason that you don’t have stronger will power.

I was also trying to master the things on which I was jack.

But what happened by doing that, I progressed from 0 to 1 after working so hard on that.

And the again was going back to zero when I stopped doing it for a while.

Results lack of motivation and will power.


Focus on your will power and strengths. Try to master the things which you are good not, which are jack at.

6. Not training train your brain muscle.

Your brain is also a muscle like your other body muscles.

If you are focusing on training your body, not your mind, then most likely, you are missing that train.


Start training the brain muscle so that you can achieve whatever you want in your life.

Start telling your brain that you have stronger will power and you are unstoppable.

7. Not doing affirmations.

I am a big fan of affirmations, and it has changed my life significantly.

Affirmations are also training your brain muscle.

Positive affirmations can positively change your life, and negative affirmation will do it negatively.


Start doing positive affirmations.

Start giving power to your brain with positive affirmations so that your mind can increase your will power.

8. Not being original.

I know you consume a lot of social media and Netflix stuff like I used to.

You want to start a business.

You think that you resonate with one of your mentors online and want to become like them, you want to copy them because you want to become successful like them.

That is what I was doing when I was starting as an entrepreneur.

But what happened, I was not able to find myself in that race.

When I started realizing that I am the only original of myself, then things started changing significantly.

And my will power to achieve my goals started increasing because I was focusing on more becoming myself, not like someone else.


Stop being like your mentors and guru. Start finding yourself and be yourself. Find your purpose, and you will see a gradual change in your will power.

9. Not journaling.

We often ignore our small achievements; we accomplish little things every day, every weak or every month, but we never write it down, and when we don’t write it, we never know what we have accomplished.

Because our brain is more focused on big achievements, not on small, we believe if we have not achieved something remarkable.

We think that we are not progressing, which is like sending wrongs signals to your brain.

Results lack of will power over time.


Start writing your journal and write down the things you have achieved during the day, even if small achievements.

You will be overwhelmed in the beginning;

However, you will be fine after a few days, and your will power starts increasing because you see on paper how many things you have achieved and what you have done differently.

10. Not having daily rituals.

Not having daily or morning rituals is also a cause that you always lack in your will power.

I have gone through this too, and it was tough for me as it is like for you now.

Setting up your morning and evening routine can definitely help you to boost your will power.

We are more energetic in the morning, then in the evening.

Our and body is like a phone battery its starts getting drain overtime after using it.


Start doing the things in the morning, which you are good at, not which are uncomfortable or not good at.

11. Procrastinating.

Procrastination is another killer of your will power.

When you don’t achieve anything you want to achieve, then you feel unmotivated, and you start procrastinating and which leads to bad decisions, bad choices, and result in a lack of will power.


Stop procrastinating, stick to your plan whatever you want to do, and if you missed something, you leave that thing for the next day or weak, complete it, but don’t procrastinate.

12. Expecting immediate results.

When you are working on your dreams or goals, you are motivated, however when you expect results immediately, and you don’t get what you want, then you start feeling unmotivated.

You think nothing is going right, and you lose your will power.


Make an action plan for goals give yourself time. Don’t rush things take time.

Things are built over time, not overnight. In the end, everything will be fine, and if it’s not fine in the end, then it means it is not an end.

13. Punishing yourself.

When you don’t achieve the result, you want you, then you feel unmotivated.

You give yourself punishment that I not capable of doing this.

You start surrounding yourself with your limiting beliefs, and your will power vanishes.


Forgive yourself if you have not achieved your goal, which you have.

You are not the only one in this race. Trust me, I was there to a few years ago, and here I am now talking to you.

14. Being friends with unlike-minded people.

An evil friend circle and having a company with not like-minded people can lead to losing belief and will power in yourself. They don’t believe in you, and they always discourage you.


Start joining the circle of like-minded people. People who can motivate you, encourage you to take action.

Join the company of people who always help you to make you believe in yourself and help you to boost your will power.

You can also join our FB group of like-minded people.

15. Telling your brain, you can’t.

I am sure you must have heard this quote before also by Henry Ford,” Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” Your brain works the way your beliefs work.


Stop telling your mind that you can’t do it and start telling your brain that you are capable of achieving anything in your life.

Your will power works according to your belief system.

16. Not being Futuristic.

I hope you heard this one too by Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

one main of the reason for your Lack of will power is Lack of imagination.

Lack of imagining yourself as a future successful person.


Start imagining yourself in the future.

The knowledge you want to have.

The life you wish to have.

The house you want to have, and you will start feeling an increase in your will power.

17. Not getting enough sleep.

when you don’t sleep, and it leads to a lack of alertness, lack of memory, relationship stress, Quality of life.

Another misbelief in entrepreneurship is hustling 20 hours a day.

I have gone through this pain, and I haven’t gained any worth.

An average human being needs at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily to work productively.

Lack of sleep leads to a lack of will power.


Start taking a sleep of 7 to 8 hours if you are not taking, and it will lead to an increase in your productivity and will power.

18. Not feeding your brain with the right mindset.

Feed your brain with the right mindset tools, strategies, and apply them to achieve goals.

When you feed your brain with the wrong things, you make the wrong decisions, which leads to a lack of motivation and a lack of will power.


Start feeding your brain with the right tools, right books, right ideas. In this way, and you will waste your less energy and feel more motivated, productive, and stronger will power.

19. Make a not to-do list.

Everyone says if you want to achieve your goals, you have to have a to-do list; otherwise, you will not be able to achieve your goal.

Whereas when you have so much to do in your to-do list, you don’t complete half of the things and leave half of the things you feel you have not got results which you wanted.

Result? You get demotivated, angry, and start losing your focus and will power.


Start making a not-to-do list. Stop doing the task, which consumes your lot of energy.

Delegate some tasks if you have to; in this way, you will be more focused on your high achiever tasks.

20. Not rewarding yourself.

You are all most forgetting yourself in this entrepreneurship journey.

Not giving yourself rewards, even for a small achievement, and which leads to a lack of motivation.


Start rewarding yourself even for little things you have achieved.

It will, for sure, tell you what you have achieved and will increase your confidence and stronger will power.


If you have skimmed the whole article, that’s fine; in the end, I will only tell you to focus on more productive things, delegate or delete things that are not important.

Make a not-to-do list. Give your self-rewards for your achievements and practice mindfulness.