15 Simple ways to overcome stress

15 Simple ways to overcome stress

Stress is a killer.

We think that stress can kill us, but if you believe it can and it definitely will. A lot of people commit suicide as being killed by stress.

The problem with our human brain is that we stressed the thing we can’t control, but the question is how we can take control of the things we can’t control, and the answer is simple.

We have to manipulate our minds to think the stress is nothing just a bubble of unrealistic thoughts. We make stress a big thing in life.

Now, answer my one question; that doesnt matter if you answer this one question with yes or no.

The only thing which matters is that you are taking temporary things permanently and permanent thing temporarily.

For example, answer this question can you tell me what day you will die.

If you say yes, it means that you are a god, or you are a genius who can predict the future, then I believe you shouldn’t be reading this post.

However, if you say no, it means you are among those 7 billion people who don’t know when they die.

The reason I asked the question is that your death is permanent, but your worries are temporary.

You are not worried about death, which is permanent, but you are worried about things that are not even going to happen in your life.

And if you say that I am not worried about death because I live in the present then answer my one more question if you live in the present then why you are concerned about the future.

Because we only worry about things that are going to happen to us in the future, not in the present.

Maybe you are worried about breaking up with your partner; perhaps you are worried about your marriage, may you be worrying about the business you want to start.

Maybe you are worried about your kids or possibly their future.

However, those worrying things belong to the future, but you are concerned about them in the present. Death is inevitable, but your worries are the opposite.

You are afraid of breaking with your partner what if he or she leaves you. You are worried about what if your company fires you.

You are concerned about your business what if don’t make that business go well then let me tell you what if you die with a stroke or heart attack within next hour, what if you die in a car accident with next hour.

Then what worrying about things served you in a present hour in your present moment.

If you know that you will die within a week, you will not be able to live freely joyfully because you know when you die, but what when you don’t know when you are dying, you live freely and do what you want to.

The same is with our stress, thoughts, or feeling.

You are telling your brain that this is going to happen with you within the next few weeks, few days, or maybe within the next few hours, and you get stressed.

I am not saying that you don’t have to ignore the danger.

I am only saying that stay conscious, but don’t stress out.

Do a brainstorming about why this can happen, what you can do so that you don’t have to worry. What are the right actions to take?
To live a healthy life, you need healthy food and blood.

However, our default mode is negative to preserve our safety because the human brain is designed to remember negative things or thoughts more than positive.

During caveman days, we had to remember not to eat the berries down by the water or whatever because they poisoned our tribe members, and our brains are primarily designed to keep us alive.

Our minds have not developed enough to stop this phenomenon.

15 things to do when you are stressed out, and you overcome stress.


Meditation is one of the best things you can do to cope with your stress. Researchers believe brains stop processing the information as actively as they normally would.

Psychological people also use this for the treatment of pain if you are a beginner and have not done meditation before you can simply start with Headspace or Synctuition.

2. Exercise or walk.

Go for a walk or somewhere in a quiet place where you can feel your breath while walking and can only focus on your body and mind.

If you are stressed, and you think that by going to the gym, you will release stress, then you are thinking wrong. You get more stressed when you see a lot of people in the gym.

Moreover, you get more stressed when you see something is coming in your way of exercise or the machine is occupied by someone else which you want to use.

When you walk, you release endorphins — a neurochemical that boosts your brain health, decreases your sensitivity to stress.

3. Write your thoughts on paper.

I would recommend trying this. It has worked for me a lot of time, and it’s even more practical. Write down your negative thoughts, or things stressing you out on the paper.

Write it on as many as papers you can.

Then start tearing those papers one by one by repeating the words like “you are not part of my life anymore”.

This will transfer the energy of your negative thoughts to those papers, and once you tear those papers, you will feel much relaxed, and you will be able to kill your stress.


4. Thought ladder.

it has worked for me a few times. The thought ladder is to change your negative thoughts to positive thoughts or your goal.

How it works, you have to draw a ladder and on the bottom of the ladder, you have to write negative thoughts; however, on the top, you have to write positive thoughts.

Once you write everything, start practicing form bottom to top.

You will feel negative energy releasing from your body, and after a few hours, you will feel the difference.

5. Double the things you like.

Think about what you like to the most expect eating. If you like doing meditation double that if you like doing running or walking Double that.

What this does is this will disconnect you from your negative thoughts or things you are stressing.

6. Use EFT (emotional freedom technique).

This technique as helpful as taking drugs. In this technique, people tap on their bodies, believing that tapping the body can create an equilibrium in your energy system and treat pain.

Although this is still being researched, EFT tapping is used to treat people with anxiety and stress.

7. Body scan meditation.

Body scan meditation is also helpful in relaxing your stress from the brain and body. I also often use this technique is also beneficial.

Body scan meditation helps you to release your body tensions and aches, which you don’t even know.

In Body scanning meditation, you have to pay attention to your body parts and body sensation.

8. Disconnect with social media.

This technique has helped me a lot of times special in the time convid19 when you see news of deaths and cases all over the world. When you stress and see something terrible or see any bad news, you get more tensed.

You get more stressed, and you start relating that awful news to yourself.

For example, News about Pandemic coronavirus.

9. Start eating vegetarian.

According to some religious beliefs, when you eat meat, you become wilder like animals (might not be true).

They say that some of the lousy energy of flesh get transferred in your body from animals.

It’s because we will kill animals we want to eat; however, on the other side, they don’t want to die.

10. Don’t expect anything.

I read this quote somewhere. It helps me to move forward in my life. The quote is, “don’t expect anything from life because expectations always hurt.

Whereas when you stop expecting anything, everything comes with a surprise, and every surprise brings happiness.”

Remember always to keep high expectations from yourself, not from anyone else in this way you will get less stressed as you are not expecting anything from anyone.

You just have to focus on what you can do to yourself.

11. Focus on Real Relations.

When you focus on a bad relationship, you feel stressed.

Therefore, always talk to people who real with you when you are stressed. It will help you out in managing your stress.

Find support, find someone who can support your emotions.

12.Practice gratitude.

One of the significant causes of being stressed is always chasing unknown things in your life.

I practice gratitude every day, and it has helped me to focus on my goals and on my weaknesses.

Take a pen, paper, and write down things that you have accomplished in your life and start practicing gratitude.

You will feel much more relaxed because of the things you have achieved, or the things you have right now; the majority of the people might be struggling to have that.

13. Have a giving mindset.

Always have a giving mindset. Try to donate something to someone when you are stressed.

When you give something, you feel happy and relaxed.

It’s not always about you sometimes it about others also.

I still donate from time to time. Find some homeless people give them food, not money.

You will feel much more companionate.

14. Have a punching bag.

Get a punching bag or find something which can break.

This technique has helped me in the early stage of entrepreneurship career, and I am sure that will also help you a lot.

15. Yoga.

Yoga is the very oldest way of getting relaxed and helps you to elevate your mood.

There are multiple ways that yoga can reduce stress levels. You feel mindful and self-compassionate.


There are different ways to kill your stress, but you have to find what works for you.

If you have anxiety from months or years, then obviously, it is likely going to take more time to kill your stress.

You have to pick the right thing to kill your stress and practice it for long to see the results, and then only you will be able to create impossible.

Tell your views if you liked this article, or you want to add anything I missed.