10 ways How not be mediocre

Mediocre means staying average or ordinary. However, staying average if fine as long as you don’t have any big dream or desire in your life. But according to the “journal science” study, people daydream no less than 30 percent of the time when their brain is active, except during the sex activities.

Some studies also show that sometimes daydreaming also leads to unhappiness. Because when you daydream, either you think of your past or you feel about your future. You fantasize because you don’t know what you will do in the future. People who are stuck in their jobs and have no other choice, and they always daydream; thus, this daydreaming makes them unhappy.

Today I will discuss 10 reasons why you stay mediocre and how you can overcome that. With each explanation, there is an action to follow; therefore, consider reading full, then only will understand the true meaning.

1. You run from failure.

Most of the people stay mediocre because they run from failure. They think that if they fail, people will laugh at them, and they will go backward. They believe failure is permanent, which is not true.

Action -stop thinking of failure and start exploring. Thomas J Watson said, “if you do not fail, you guaranteed you stay average a best.” If you have a fear of failure, then let me tell you every entrepreneur, scientist, or innovator failed every single time.

Don’t run from your fears, but face your fears. Once you start facing your fears, you will begin improving yourself every day.

2. You think change is painful.

You believe that if you try something new, you may have to go through pain. You think if you decide to change, you have to do a lot of hard work and struggle, but again it’s not 100% true.

Action – keep in mind change is painful but not impossible. Stop being an average and start taking action for your dreams. With action, when you try to change yourself, you will find something amazing in you.

You should not think that to achieve success, you have to work hard and struggle a lot. Change can start by taking baby steps. You may progress slow, but you will improve.

3. You quit after making some mistakes.

Maybe you are mediocre because you stopped after making some mistakes. You are afraid of facing rejection. You think whatever you try, will not work for you. You may not have worked enough times, and you want to give up.

Action – stop worrying about results and start doing something which you want to do. Mistakes are proof that you are trying. Don’t keep quitting as an option.

When you think like quitting, consider trying one more time. Sometimes you are so close to success that you don’t even know.

4. You always wait for something magical to happen.

There is nothing magical or there nothing like an overnight success. Overnight success is still overtime success. If you think like that, then it means you have a lottery mentality wining of lotto one in billions.

Action – stop dreaming, start doing. If You don’t want to stay mediocre, then begin taking action. Maybe start something small today but start.

Maybe make one video of 30sec for YouTube, may write 200 words for a blog, may run 500 meters or lift 2kg dumbbell but start and keep on repeating that as long as you get comfortable with that.

5. You don’t know how to take the right action.

You are mediocre because you always worry about the right action. The right action mentality is a perfectionist mentality. Perfection is another form of procrastination.

You want to be perfect; it means you don’t want to try. You worry about the right actions because you don’t know what steps to take.

Actions – start taking action from today even if it’s a wrong move. Once Richard Branson said, “if he takes 51 decisions right from 100 decisions in a day, it means he is making progress”. Develop an action mentality, not right action mentality.

6. You fear of uncertainty.

After Covid19, nothing seems certain to me. Uncertainty is everywhere in your job and your business. Even people who developed sustainable business are also worried about uncertainty because, in today’s world, you don’t know when things go from right to wrong.

Action– Stop thinking of uncertainty and start thinking of possibilities. If you want to leave your mediocre thinking, then don’t fear of uncertainty, you will see more opportunities in this world.

You can’t even imagine what you can achieve. Thinking of sustainability means an invitation to uncertain things in the future in which you can’t also control your life.

7. You don’t ask questions.

They stay mediocre because they don’t ask questions. Once Confucius said, the man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, but the man who doesn’t ask is a fool for life.

Action– If you don’t want to stay mediocre or an average, the start asking for yourself why things are happening around you.

Start asking Questions(why) whatever you doubt and then start taking actions on those whys and start thinking about how you can do it even better.

8. You think every idea is taken.

You are mediocre because you believe that every idea is taken; there is nothing that you can do. If it was like this, then uber and Airbnb won’t have succeeded in the 21st century.

If it was like this, then the idea of an electric car won’t have happened. If this was true, then the concept of 3d printing won’t have happened.

If this was true, then the idea of a DSLR digital camera won’t have happened. There are millions of examples I give to you, but nothing will unless you.

Action – Your ideas are only your ideas. Start working on those ideas by not worrying about failure, money, and time. Start taking baby steps, and you will create something impossible, I know.

9. You think you are not creative.

No one is creative in this world. You have to start thinking outside of the box. I have written an article on it that how you can be more creative. Creativity comes from practicing with your ideas.

Action-creativity begins by questioning every situation with why or by breaking your daily patterns. Start breaking your habits.

Try to go to work differently, try to eat something different in lunch, try to get off from bed from the other side. Try to bus or train to your work or university if you go in a car.

If you do these things, you will see the difference in your imaginations and creativity.

10. You think why someone will believe them.

You will remain mediocre if you keep on feeling like this. Because in the beginning, you don’t have to worry about what people think you just have believed in yourself. Believe in your ideas and creativity.

Action– Stop telling people your thoughts and fears. Start killing your limiting beliefs. Start thinking that no one is better than you, and no one can do better than you.

You are a masterpiece that God has made. You have the capabilities to create impossible.

Conclusion: if you don’t want to stay mediocre, then start breaking your patterns, stop blaming your creativity, stop telling your thoughts and ideas to people.

Start exploring new things, start asking questions to stop worrying about uncertainty, and create impossible.