10 Simple ways How you can control your brain to work for you

As we have a limiting belief, our brain is always working against us.

We want to achieve something life, and we want to be successful in our life, but unfortunately, our mind comes on our way.

Why our brain comes in our way? Because we are holding some past bad experiences.

Our bad experience doesn’t let us move forward. It’s not your brain, but it’s you holding yourself back.

You are telling your mind that you cant do this, and you don’t have any experience or expertise in this; you are nothing.

There are millions of people better than you.

You cant higher than this, whereas those feeling are emotions of your past.

I am not a brain expert, psychologist, or brain scientist. I have just learned how to control your brain and how you make your brain for you, not against you.

10 things you have to stop doing right now. And start taking action against those things to tell your brain that you are capable of anything in your life.

1. Stop limiting yourself for past bad experiences.

Why you are falling in your life or can’t take any step further in your business or life it’s because you are limiting yourself.

And why you are limiting yourself? because of your past experiences.

Some bad experiences in the past, which is not letting you move forward a saying that you can’t do it; you can’t do this.

It is not because you have not tried; it’s because you failed several times.


Take a break; take a moment.

Cry if you want, break something if you wish to (something inexpensive).

Stop for a while and rewire your brain. Rewire your mind to let go of your limiting beliefs.

Start working on your goal or start taking your steps for the business you want to begin.

2. Stop training your subconscious mind that you can’t do it.

Why your limiting beliefs hold you back because you are training the subconscious mind that you can’t do it.

Whereas your subconscious mind doesn’t know what is true or what is unreal.

Make your brain think that unreal things are real.

Because of your past bad experience or maybe because of your limiting belief, you are telling you subconscious mind that this not for you.


Start training your subconscious mind that that you can achieve anything your life.

Start training your subconscious mind that your past was just one page of one chapter of your life.

Bad things happen to a human, so you are also a human being, and now you are new from today, and now you are ready to ace in your field or your business.

3. Stop telling your brain that you are not an expert.

This quote by T. Harv Eker motivates me a lot -“ Every master was once a disaster.”

No one born with expertise. We make ourselves expert by crafting our skill over and over again and again.

Even those who claim that they never stop learning the new things they master skill even much better.


Start showing people what you have in you. Your experience, your life is different from others.

You own your experience, and your way thinking is different from other start working on your goal right now.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others-

When you compare yourself to others, you feel that you are not better than them.

Because of the goal you want to achieve, they already own that, and you can’t reach there, or maybe they better than you; that’s why they are at the top.

Now let me tell you, you are comparing your first line of your first chapter of your first book to the 10th book of their last chapter.

I don’t understand how you can do it.

You are doing it wrong from the beginning.


Stop comparing yourself to others and start writing the first chapter of your first book.

You don’t have to compare it to anyone. Remember, you can do whatever you want to do in your life.

You are not less than anyone. There is no one like you.

5. Stop worrying about the future.

your future worries are holding you back because you always think that what will happen in the future.

And let me tell you that no one knows what will happen in the future.

We just create our future buy working in our present.


You can’t predict the future, but you can create a better future by working on your goal or dreams from right now.

Therefore, start taking the first step for your goal or dream right from today.

6. Stop making negative affirmations.

Again, negative affirmation kills every success.

Negative affiliations, you always think about the negative side of the things which are even good right now.

Your brain works how you let it work.

As your mind receives negative affirmations, it starts creating negative results.

Remember the law of attraction; we attract what we feel or believe.


Start making a positive affirmation to yourself.

Tell your brain that you are not what your mind is letting you think.

You are what you want to believe and achieve.

7. Stop anticipating worst-case seniors.

There is no such thing as worst-case scenarios unless you create in your mind.

When you think the worst scenario, most likely, you may have to experience the worst.

Always think of a worst-case scenario is bullshit advice.

There shouldn’t be any plan B because if there is plan B, you will not stick to plan A.

Plan B is only for those people who want to achieve success, but they afraid of failure and afraid of society.

They always want to have some security in life.


Start anticipating the best scenario like the previous point start believing yourself.

Practice doing positive scenarios.

Start telling your brain that the best is going to happen with you in the future.

8. Stop discouraging yourself.

Why are you not able to start the business you want?

you are not enjoying the life you always wanted?

Why you always hold yourself accountable for bad experiences.

Do you have an answer?

No! Then I will tell you the answer since you are sending a message to your brain of failure or of your limiting beliefs.

You have been discouraging yourself for a long time because of the bad experiences that you are not worth doing anything.


Start encouraging yourself to see a better version of yourself.

Start encouraging yourself for the small achievements you have in your life.

Like the step, you have taken to start your business.

The action you have taken to improve your health.

Start encouraging yourself for every small thing you accomplish every day.

9. Stop sticking to the same choice every day in your life.

Your brain is working according to the choices you make every day. Some of the reasons could be.

Because you are not making different choices in your life.

You are making the same choices every day in your life, and the same things are happening to you every day.

You get the same result every time you expect different results.


Start making different choices. Small with a simple thing.

Get out of bed from the other side, take a cold shower, eat diverse cuisine, Use different toothpaste.

Stop checking social media after walking up. Start meditating for 2 minutes, or if you are doing for 2 minutes, do it for 10 minutes.

If you are doing for 10 minutes, do it for 20 but start sending signals to your brain that something different is happening.

10. Waiting for a miracle to happen.

You are taking steps occasionally.

You want to achieve success. From the beginning, you are telling your brain that something is magical will happen, and it will change your life.

In life, if you want to get the real result you have to take action, there is no such thing as the overnight success you may hear of this many times, and it is true as well.

There no such thing an overnight success.

Overnight success is overtime success.

The miracle only happens in movies, not in real life; you have to work hard every day to make that miracle happen.


Start taking action for your goal.

Stop expecting any miracle to happen.

Start taking baby steps, but at least start. Make a game plan and ace that game.

Plan your business, plan your life, and start taking strict action for that. You and your brain will see the miracle happening in your life.


Your brain is the culprit for most of the things happing wrong with your life. You have made a fake or unreal belief system in your life. Your life is getting programmed the same.

Start sending sound signals to your brain, start doing positive affirmation, start training your mind, start rewiring your mind, and create impossible.